Wild Game Processing, Prime Meat Market & Butcher Shop, Local Mercantile, Traditional & Artisan Deli

In Shorter, Alabama.

We believe that there is no better place to experience fine dining than in the comfort of your own home! Something seems amiss when you have to get dressed up and act right just to live the luxury of superior quality foods, not to mention the cost of eating out!  Our Core Mission here at Shana’s Place is to provide you with fun, exceptionally delicious, nourishing foods to enjoy while you Live a Real Life!

Our Brand of vittles will soon become your go-to for exceeding the expectations of everyone’s taste buds!

Over the last 16 years, by the Grace of God, we have become the largest Deer Processor in Central Alabama!  We offer the most expansive menu of Wild Game processing options imaginable! Our level of Expertise and Quality is second to none, and once you experience it, you will be hooked! It is unfathomable the time and attention given to every single little sausage, each pack of burger, all those sticks of deer jerky, those glorious tamales, right down to peeling and chopping the peppers and onions getting chopped up for your Boudin!

We give it our heart and soul, that’s why it’s Just So Good!!  The meat you pick up is the meat you dropped off, and as always, Satisfaction Guaranteed!!  

The retail side of this shop opened out of necessity.  In order to turn out the quality Shana demands, and the quantity the clients demand, a talented, experienced staff is required!  That caliber of person doesn’t work just 3 months out of the year, they have GRIT (and lots of it!) they have ambition and want to climb a ladder!  You can’t just start a new crew every fall! To keep these folks around, a Market was born! This would allow for betterment and growth in the Game Processing department. After getting the right team members on the bus, and the wrong ones off, this fun little shop has turned into a destination location for hungry folks with advanced palates!!  Ever-Evolving as it may be, Quality and Satisfaction are what we stand on!

Shana, how did you get into doing Deer Processing?

Over the years many people have wondered, so here it is: 

Growing up in Macon County Alabama, I can only recall seeing one dead deer in my life, a buck my Dad killed when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. We took it to Montgomery to be processed, the meat was awful and our entire family hated venison! At 16, I started being around a lot of deer hunting, but still no processing and eating it. 

Married to an avid hunter by age 19, I was standing in the grocery store needing to buy meat but trying to make ends meet in the checkbook when I had a light bulb moment! I went straight home and decided to make those deer hanging in the tree in the back yard into something edible. Within a couple of years of whacking meat on the back porch, and slicing steaks while in front of the fireplace, I had figured out burger, back- straps and jerky…and had some really fat dogs, since they got all the trial and error inedibles. 

Shortly thereafter, found myself divorced and realizing that working in Montgomery was not for me… I hate the city! Sitting on Dad’s porch one June afternoon drinking beer and pondering how to make a living from my country home, it hit me. From that day on, my every spare dime and moment went to land clearing, building, painting, plumbing, wiring, designing counter tops, etc. Blood, sweat and tears took on a whole new meaning! Words cannot express my gratitude to my Dad and our friends and neighbors who helped with that barn raising! By October 15, 2003 the shop was nearly ready and I got that first customer. The first deer I had ever skinned and gutted in my life… man was I glad I had watched those drunks around the bonfire and at least knew where to start. Born out of sheer fight, my methods of skinning, gutting, deboning, processing and packaging now resemble a ballet dance and my team efficiently runs like a well oiled machine (on most days, haha)!  Since that day, I have added new products and expanded the facility yearly.  

Healthy eating, sustainable living, a passion for the artwork of butcher and a love and respect for our food animals have all been ingrained into my DNA by venison! God is so awesome and He’s not finished yet, stay tuned… 

To God Be The Glory!!